ATTENTION REAL ESTATE AGENTS - Are you ready for EPA Enforcement?

Our “Federal Lead Paint Disclosure” course on lead law provides essential knowledge for practicing real estate professionals.   During a time when the news is of reduction in environmental programs, the lead law remains a priority for enforcement.  Not only has EPA Region One continued to do inspections for compliance with the federal disclosure and leadsafe work practice laws, but the National program has continued a focus on lead.  The lead laws contain very substantial penalties for what can seem like a paperwork violation, but the law also provides substantial legal protection for agents.

Real estate professionals should know how to fully avail themselves of the legal protections the law provides them!

The overview of environmental issues (“Cover Your Aspirations When it Comes to Environmental Issues”) prepares the real estate professional for dealing with, and hopefully preventing, problems that can negatively affect transactions such as radon, mold, arsenic, pesticides, drinking water, or asbestos.  Many environmental issues also present opportunities to maximize or recognize the value of a property, such as energy efficiency, solar energy, and ecological amenities.  A basic awareness of how to respond to the possibility of problems and opportunities presented by environmental issues is now an unavoidable part of doing business as a real estate professional.

Both classes are taught by Rick Reibstein, a Lecturer in Environmental Law and Policy at Boston University and Harvard Summer School.  Rick developed compliance and technical assistance programs for companies for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 1989 – 2015 and helped enforce the lead law in New England for US EPA from 2002-2003.