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Real Estate Licensing Questions (Maine)

Question – What’s the first step to getting a license in Maine?

Answer- You must first successfully complete the 55-hour Sales Agent Course, then successfully pass the Sales Agent State Exam. We offer the required Sales Agent course. You must pass this course with a grade of 75% or better. You will then have one year in which to pass the state exam with a grade of 75% or better. After passing the state exam you will have one year to affiliate with a real estate company and apply for the Sales Agent license with the state.

Question – What would be my next step after acquiring my Sales Agent license?

Answer – The Sales Agent license is a two-year license only. If you are going to stay in the business then you must upgrade to an Associate Broker license. You do this by taking and passing the 60-hour Associate Broker course. You must also complete the Documented Field Experience Form. Once this is done your Sales Agent license can be upgraded to an Associate Broker license at the end of your 2 year Sales Agent period.

Question – Is the associate broker license the end of my real estate education?

Answer – In order to renew your two year Associate Broker license, you must take 21 hours of continuing education. Or, after two years as an Associate Broker, you can upgrade your license to a Broker license, which also requires 21 hours of continuing education to renew every two years. You have to take and pass the 50-hour Designated Broker course to upgrade to a Brokers license. However, there is no additional state exam.

Real Estate Appraisal Questions (Maine & New Hampshire)

Question – How do I obtain a real estate appraisal license?

Answer – In order to obtain a real estate appraisal license, the states of Maine and New Hampshire require the successful completion of 75 hours of AQB-approved qualifying education, fifteen hours must be an approved Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) course.

The individual must complete the cumulative 75 hours within the 5 years immediately preceding application for the trainee license, as well as a supervisory/trainee course before working with a trainer can begin.

Then the individual must make arrangements to work under the direct supervision of a certified residential real property appraiser or certified general real property appraiser who meets the qualifications for supervisor.

Special Note: The Trainee’s supervisor is required by Chapter 230, Section 1 (A)(3) of the Board’s rules, to personally inspect each appraised property with the trainee for a minimum of the first fifty (50) appraisals AND until the supervisor determines that the trainee is competent in accordance with the Competency Rule of Uniform Standrads of Professional Appraisal Practice for the property type.