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What Is This Property Disclosure Thing All About?

Property disclosures are an important and integral part of the real estate business. Understanding what is expected and how to obtain these disclosures is of utmost importance. Attend this course for a lively discussion on property disclosures and what may happen if property disclosures are not handled properly. This course is approved for 3 clock hours of continuing education by the Maine Real Estate Commission.

Widen Your Vision When You List And Sell

Widen Your Vision When You List And Sell Real Estate

Red flags are an important part of the real estate business. Real estate licensees are expected to disclose those things that they know, or should have known. Topics covered in this course include, property condition red flags as well as red flags when dealing with deeds, property restrictions, insurance, financing, building uses, purchase and sales agreements, etc. This course is approved for 3 clock hours of continuing education credit by the Maine and New Hampshire Real Estate Commissions.

Who Bet Their License?

In our everyday hectic real estate business schedule, we sometimes lose sight of what we are doing.   “Who Bet Their License?” is a course that explores some real life cases of people just losing sight of the way things should be done.  They are not bad people, they just made a mistake.  Come and participate in the discussion of what went wrong and how to avoid these things happening to you.  This course is approved for 3 credit hours of continuing education by the Maine Real Estate Commission.

Working With Today’s Buyers

Working With Today’s Buyers is a comprehensive overview of the information you need to know to effectively work with educated buyers of today. You will learn how to identify the types of buyers you are working with and effectively represent them in a purchase transaction. Areas to be covered include you obligations as a buyer agent to your clients, buyer counseling, preparation of the writer buyer contract, situations surrounding fees and compensation, action plans for finding your clients a home, offer preparation, inspections and home warranties. This course has been approved by the Director of the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission for three clock hours toward fulfillment of the educational requirements for activation or renewal of a real estate license. This course is appropriate for licensees of all levels.