Ninja Selling

Focus. Skills. Action. Results.

In conjunction with and Instructor Peter Parnegg, the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate is proud to offer both Maine and New Hampshire continuing education credits for this 4 day program.

NINJA SELLING is a system developed and tested to work in all types of real estate markets for all types of personalities. It is science based and the processes are built around the science of how customers think and make decisions, thereby benefiting your customers with a consistent, high quality experience and improving the reputation of the real estate industry as a whole.

Traditional approaches focus on increasing gross income by making more calls.  The NINJA Program focuses on building relationships and working as trusted advisors to your clients.

Many students are attracted to NINJA training for the sales results they experience in their careers. However, many comment on how the unexpected result of obtaining life mastery skills improves their lives and teaches them to be more valuable to their clients.

This live, 4-day course will teach you how to increase your income per hour, increase your customer satisfaction and improve the quality of your transactions…and your life!

This course is approved by the  New Hampshire Real Estate Commission for 12 clock hours of continuing education; and approved by the Maine Real Estate Commission for 2 clock hours of continuing education towards the renewal of a real estate license.

Call the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate for more information on pricing and how to schedule this 4 day program for your real estate company!