Professional and Business Development

Drafting Contracts in Today’s Multiple Offer Environment: The Use of Contingencies, Addendums and Escalation Clauses

With many properties going under agreement in a matter of hours or days, today’s multiple offer environment can prove challenging and frustrating for real estate agents and their Buyer and Seller clients. This course focuses on the principles of contract law and helps real estate professionals understand the importance of proper drafting, essential provisions of a typical purchase and sale agreement and the use of contingencies, addendums and escalation clauses as they pertain to negotiations and drafting competitive contracts.

Social Media Branding

The use of Social Media marketing continues to expand, especially among real estate professionals. Are your posts, tweets and pictures sending the right message to your audience? Do you have a target audience? Do you want to learn how to use social media to build a constant flow of business instead of constantly chasing the next app or lead?

Establish your own unique form of branding and set you on the path to developing a referral system through social media. You will learn how to develop solid social media marketing strategies and why it is important to identify your goals, establish branding and ultimately use different social media platforms to generate real estate leads. You will also learn what not to do when using social media and avoid the most common social media mistakes made by real estate professionals!