Looking forward to the next Arthur Gary School of Real Estate class with any instructor. They are all great!

I actually enjoyed the class! Both the instructor and the other students kept it interesting and informative.

I enjoyed the class and learned a lot of information that I can use in everyday practice.

I enjoyed networking with other people in the class from such a wide area of state. Walter did a great job!

The class exceeded my expectations. I was sorry to see it end. I would definitely look for classes being taught by Walter.

This was one of the most informative courses I’ve taken.


The best course I’ve taken in years. Superbly organized and executed.

Great explanations, very clear.

Great class, great instructor!!!

I was constantly engaged in the presentation.

I thought this would be very dry. Instead I found it interesting and certainly have
learned more than the “book”.

Surprisingly interesting.

Superior presentation.

Excellent! Knowledgeable instructor, class was involved in the presentation, great questions and answers.

Much more interesting and informative than expected.
Instructor had a vast knowledge of this subject!! Very well worth attending!

I like the way you interact and challenge!

The instructor has a great way to involve student, keeps it lively, great sense of humor!

The instructor is always entertaining.

Great! Always interesting and fun.

One of the best courses offered. Direct with practical issues. Very helpful!!

Great class, great instructor, very knowledgeable, great presentation. Job well done!

As always an enjoyable classroom experience.

Appreciate your knowledge and help.

Keep those great analogies coming!

I got many different good pieces of information from this program. It was totally worth my time!

Great class. I enjoy the interaction and different cases discussed with the class.

I love taking classes with you, you keep everyone on their toes.

The instructors incredible experience-based, content filled and fast passed class was one of the best I’ve taken.

A learning experience and is very professional!

Bring this instructor back for more classes.

Easy to understand-good examples.

The improvement would be to lengthen the course. Excellent instructor, holds your attention very well. Excellent content knowledge.

Excellent instructor. The best instructor.

Great knowledge of real estate and professional demeanor in the classroom.
Made the course interesting and exciting.

The instructor gives lots of examples and real life situations.

The more practical practice/role playing/walk through scenarios the better.

The instructor is very good at this. Thanks for the great class.

It is great. He’s really the only instructor I’ve enjoyed.

I will definitely recommend this course to others.

Class is an AAA class!

Should be a required course.

The instructor was excellent at putting people at ease.

The instructor was able to apply material to real life.

Friendly and informative answers.

The instructor could relate to questions in layman’s terms to clarify the point.

Gave good examples to further explain course material.

This course gave me several tools to add to my business.